Freeman Shokudo x OEB "Pastrami" (70×70)-One ear brand-

通常価格 ¥8,800


Freeman Shokudo x OEB "Pastrami" (70×70)-One ear brand-

通常価格 ¥8,800
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大阪を拠点に活動するバンダナ専門家のジョナサン・ルカセックが立ち上げた One Ear Brand(ワンイヤーブランド)
カスタムメイドの生地を使用した片耳バンダナは、完全に日本製で、京都の着物を作る工場で版を作り一度に 1 色ずつ印刷されるため、毎回のロットでわずかに異なります。

エコバッグ、フェイスマスク、スカーフ、風呂敷 、ヘッドラップなど様々な用途で使うことができます。

今回のバンダナはOne Ear Brandが東京・幡ヶ谷のフリーマン食堂のためにデザインしたスペシャルコラボレーション。





One Ear Brand launched by Osaka-based bandana expert Jonathan Lukasek

The one-eared bandana, made entirely in Japan using custom-made fabrics, is available at a kimono manufacturing factory in Kyoto Each lot is slightly different because it prints one at a time.

They make great eco bags, face masks, scarves, furoshiki and head wraps. An artist named Yurika Cherise Shikai, a Japanese-American, uses bandanas as canvas to draw their own works.

One of the best designs to rank. My friend was researching materials about bandanas, and it was wonderful a bandana in the early 20th century, 1900 or I found a bandana from the early 1910s. I referred directly to the design, but I remade the details.

This bandana is a special collaboration bandana designed by One Ear Brand for the Freeman Restaurant in Hatagaya, Tokyo.It's a bandana made to celebrate the 3rd anniversary.

Freeman Dining,

a restaurant opened by a couple who moved from Brooklyn, New York to Tokyo, is a popular barbecue establishment located in the tranquil neighborhood of Hatagaya. The restaurant features a specially crafted iron smoker to recreate the flavors of Freeman's American Smokehouse. Some of their signature dishes include pastrami and the smoker burger, both of which have garnered a loyal following.

The bandana pattern with "knife, fork, bottle, and cork" represents symbols of New York. This restaurant is an appealing destination for those seeking the taste of an American Smokehouse experience.

One for the top rankings in great designs. Going through the deep references for bandannas a friend found this amazing early 20th century bandanna, an early 1900 or 1910s bandanna. We referenced the design directly but redrew every detail.




  • Name: Pastrami
  • Size: 70 x 70cm
  • cotton 100%
  • セルビッチ
  • 70cm×70cm
  • ノンウォッシュ
  • 日本製
  • 印刷


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